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Miss Southeast Angels Christmas Pageant Application

**Just Cut and Paste the application into your notepad or word processor.**

Please Click here for pageant application!

Miss Southeast Angel’s Christmas Pageant

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pearson Elementary School

Pearson, GA


Age Divisions:

Baby    0-11 mths         Toddler 12-23 mths      Tiny 2-3 years  Little 4-6 years

Petite    7-9 years          Junior   10-12 years      Teen 13-15 years         Miss 16-up



For ages 0-6 years ***2:00-2:30 pm***

Pageant Begins at 3:00 pm

For ages 7 & up ***4:00-4:30 pm***

Pageant Begins at 5:00 pm



You must enter Beauty, Photogenic, Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Hair, and And Prettiest Smile & have the highest combined score. 

One winner from 0-6 years and one from 7 & up!


Each Grand Supreme winner will receive:

A 5 Foot, 4 Column Trophy & A Crown!


***Mini Supreme Awards (WE DO NOT DOUBLE CROWN) ***

You must enter Beauty, Photogenic, Prettiest Dress, Prettiest Hair, and And Prettiest Smile & have the 2nd highest combined score.

One winner from 0-6 years and one from 7 & up!


Each Mini Supreme Winner will receive:

4 Foot, 4 Column Trophy & A Crown!


**If we have enough contestants by early deadline we will change the Supremes to 0-3 years, 4-9 years and 10 & up. **


***Beauty Queens***

 Each contestant will be judged on Beauty, Personality/Poise, & Overall Appearance.

 (Baby, Toddler & Tiny divisions will not be judged on Poise.)

Awesome 3’ trophy, full rhinestone crown, & a tote bag of goodies!!

We will have a winner and two runners up in each division.

**No one goes home empty handed, everyone will receive a trophy**



One winner in each age division, winner will receive a trophy.

Photos can be black & white or color. 5x7 or 8x10 works best, but any size will do. The photo should have your name and division on the back. You will receive your pictures back at the pageant.


***Christmas Attire***

Wear your favorite off the rack or custom made outfit.

 One winner in each age division will receive a trophy.  




***Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Dress, & Prettiest Smile***

One winner in each age division will receive a trophy.

This will be judged in a group line up after individual walks.



***Peoples Choice***

We will have a Peoples Choice Queen in each age division. Division Peoples Choice Queen will receive a Trophy. We will also have an Overall Peoples Choice Queen for ages 0-6 & 7-up. To be eligible for Overall People Choice you must collect at least $ 50.

 So start collecting now. You can turn this money in the day of the pageant.

Overall Peoples Choice Winner will receive 34” Trophy & Crown



Contestants will be judged on Beauty (1-10), Poise (1-10), and Personality (1-10)

and Overall Appearance (1-10).

(Baby, Toddler & Tiny divisions will not be judged on Poise.)



Early Bird- Enter the entire pageant for $65.00 if postmarked no later than October 30, 2006

Siblings Discount- 1 full price, other price.


***Other Pageant information***

       In the event that there are less than 2 contestants in one division, the pageant committee may combine that age division. We will not do this until we notify the contestant or parents.

       The pageant committee is not responsible for any accidents, which may occur to, from or during the pageant.

       All judges’ decisions are final!!

       This pageant is open; any contestant from the state of Georgia can participate in this pageant.

       If you want your scores, please mail or bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your application. Scores can also be emailed, if you provide me with an email address.

       Admission Adults $ 5, $ 3 Students & ages 3 and under are free.

       One parent gets in free with paid contestant

       Beauty walk is basic T pattern.

       Everyone will receive a trophy; no one goes home empty handed.

       No personal interview, No mandatory appearances or on stage questions!

       For more information please contact Tina Smith @ (912) 422-3272 wk, (912) 422-7077 home, or email You may also visit our website for any updates and any other information.

       Final deadline & practice is November 9, 2006 at 6 pm.

      You can mail your applications to:    Tina Smith

                                                                        375 Fannie Mizell Rd.

                                                                        Pearson, GA 31642














Emcee Sheet

Please print clearly!


Contestant # ________                                                                                    Age Division _______

(to be completed by committee)


Name _________________________________________________ Age ___________ DOB __________


Address _____________________________ City __________________ State GA  Zip ______________


Email Address ________________________________________________________________________


Parent’s ______________________________________________________________________________


Likes __________________________________________ Dislikes ______________________________


Hobbies ______________________________________________________________________________


Future Plans/Ambitions _________________________________________________________________


Three Words that best describe me _____________________, __________________, _______________


Favorite TV Show _______________________________ Favorite Color __________________________


Hair Color ____________________ Eye Color _______________ Favorite Food ___________________


If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to ____________________________________________


Sponsored By _________________________________________________________________________



I have read and understand all the rules and requirements for this event.  I understand that the judges’ decisions are final and misconduct on my part could result in disqualification and/or loss of title.  I also agree that the Pageant Committee is not responsible for any accidents, injury, or theft that may occur before, during, and after the pageant. I am also aware that there is a $ 40 return check fee.


This is to certify that I’m not married, never giving birth, or convicted of a crime.


Contestant Signature _________________________________________________ Date ____________

Parents Signature ____________________________________________________ Date ____________



Beauty (mandatory) $ 50                      ______

Photogenic $ 15                                   ______

Christmas Attire $ 10                            ______

Prettiest Dress  $ 10                             ______

Prettiest Smile $ 10                               ______

Prettiest Hair $ 10                                ______



Early Bird Discount $ 65.00 _____ for Supreme Package. If postmarked by October 30, 2006.