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Miss Southeast Angels Christmas Pageant

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We hope everyone had a great time at the pageant this year and hope to see you all at our next pageant.
Have a Safe and Merry Christmas!!


Miss Southeast Angel’s Christmas Pageant

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pearson Elementary School

Pearson, GA


And The Winners Are:


Baby Miss 0-11 months

Prettiest Dress-Edith Claire Wilkinson

Prettiest Smile- Edith Claire Wilinson

Prettiest Hair-Edith Clair Wilkinson

Christmas Attire-Edith Clair Wilkinson

Photogenic-Edith Clair Wilkinson

People’s Choice-Rayna Donahue

2nd Runner Up-Rayna Donahue

1st Runner Up –DeLana Stone

Queen-Edith Clair Wilkinson


Toddler Miss 12-23 months

Prettiest Dress-Kalei Walker

Prettiest Smile-Larissa Lefan

Prettiest Hair-Kalei Walker

Christmas Attire-Larissa Lefan

Photogenic-Larissa Lefan

People’s Choice-Annika Walker

2nd Runner Up-Delaney Thomas

1st Runner Up –Rachel White

Queen-Larissa Lefan


Tiny Miss 2-3 years

Prettiest Dress-Jesslyn Giddens

Prettiest Smile-Darcee Brown

Prettiest Hair-Brianna Wester

Christmas Attire-Darcee Brown

Photogenic-Darcee Brown

People’s Choice-Bethany Mizell

2nd Runner Up-Brianna Wester

1st Runner Up –Amaya Selph

Queen-Darcee Brown


Little Miss 4-6 years

Prettiest Dress-Yasmin Ortega

Prettiest Smile-Yasmin Ortega

Prettiest Hair-Yasmin Ortega

Christmas Attire-Dallas Wilson

Photogenic-Morgan Jones

People’s Choice-Hannah Courson

2nd Runner Up-Hannah Courson

1st Runner Up –Morgan Jones

Queen-Emily Cox


0-6 Mini Supreme Yasmin Ortega

0-6 Grand Supreme Jesslyn Giddens


Petite Miss 7-9 Years

Prettiest Dress- Haley Mixon

Prettiest Smile-Aniston Stalvey

Prettiest Hair-Caitlyn Suggs

Christmas Attire-Katie Roberts

Photogenic-Lyrick Malagon

2nd Runner Up-Lyrick Malagon

1st Runner Up –Katie Roberts

Queen- Caitlyn Suggs


Junior Miss 10-12 Years

Prettiest Dress-Haley Morgan

Prettiest Smile-Hannah Cornelius

Prettiest Hair-Hannah Cornelius

Christmas Attire-Hannah Cornelius

Photogenic-Cassidy McDonald

2nd Runner Up-Sydney Davis

2nd Runner Up-Cassidy McDonald

1st Runner Up-Haley Morgan

Queen-Hannah Cornelius


Teen Miss 13-15 Years

Prettiest Dress- Raelyn McDonald

Prettiest Smile-Devin Jones

Prettiest Hair-Alyson McGowan

Christmas Attire-Devin Jones

Photogenic-Devin Jones

1st Runner Up-Raelyn McDonald

Queen-Devin Jones


Miss 16-up

Prettiest Dress-Brittany Greer

Prettiest Smile-Brittany Greer

Prettiest Hair-Brittany Greer

Christmas Attire-Brittany Greer

Photogenic-Kristan Whitley

2nd Runner Up-Kristan Whitley

1st Runner Up –Karlee Jones

Queen-Brittany Greer


7-up Mini Supreme-Alyson McGowan

7-up Grand Supreme- Haley Mixon



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